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Thursday, May 2, 2013

More $$ = More Products

Ask yourself the following questions:

How much do you LOVE Stampin' Up!s products?
How much do you LOVE to shop at a discount?
How much do you spend on stampin supplies & products every month?
How much do you LOVE sharing your hobby of stamping with others?

If the answers to the above look something like this:
Yes, I love Stampin' Up products, they are the best quality out there.
Absolutely! I never pay full price for anything if I can avoid it!
Well, you don't need to tell anyone else, but I spend close to $75 - $100 per month (shhh, it's a secret.)
Certainly, I love having friends over to stamp! We share ideas & have a great time.

Well then you should consider joining Stampin Up! before May 30th. Why before the 30th? Because your membership fee of $99 (includes shipping) will go further. You will get an additional $30 of product just for joining. And here's the best part...your starter kit is completely customizable so that you are getting what products you want & need to either supply your hobby or start a business. That's a total of $155 (the normal $125 plus $30 extra) for ONLY $99. Now be honest, weren't you going to spend about that much this month anyway somewhere?

There are more benefits too, just ask me. I'd be  happy to tell you about them.

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