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Friday, March 29, 2013

2013-2014 Annual catalog for FREE? Read on...

How would you like to get your next annual SU catalog for free? I know I'd like to give you one!
I did mention this via e-mail a few months ago, but I want to post it here on my blog to make officially official. lol

Place an order of $25.00 or more from January (first time I offered it) through May's monthly get-together & you can have your next catalog FREE! When I originally offered this it was for a $25.00 or more order from the Spring mini. Well, I've decided to open it up to ANY SU order from any SU source via any ordering method. SU is offering so many cool things right now that I want to make it as easy & advantageous for you as possible! Right now I have 4 people that have a FREE catalog coming to them, who'll be next!?! I hope it's you!

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